Experience. Excitement. Exhilaration. And Acceleration on 777 Zip. 717 feet up and 727 feet back on Hwy. 77 viewing the 77 foot Turner Falls.

Two guests at a time are comfortably secured by a monitored seatbelt restraint system before being hoisted in reverse to their view point 717 ft. away.   The viewing point is a 130 foot tower on the mountain above Collings Castle, from which you will have a spectacular view of Turner Falls. Feel the thrill of release as you zip back 727 ft. to the landing zone located at the Curio Shop / Overlook of Turner Falls.

Purchase tickets in the Curio Shop along with cold drinks, snacks, Soaring Eagle and Turner Falls souvenirs.  A selection of Oklahoma memorabilia may be found in this unique shop.

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