The Chickasaw Cultural Center is a world-class museum complex devoted to the celebration of Chickasaw history and culture. Using modern technology and richly theatrical environments, the museum immerses visitors in the vibrant, ongoing story of the Chickasaws.

Located on 184 acres of rolling hills, woodlands and streams near Sulphur, this complex features more than 96,000 sq ft of indoor space, including an exhibit center, the Holisso Research Center and a large-format theater. An amphitheater, sky terrace, traditional village and several water features also reside on the grounds.

Begin your journey in the Chickasha Poya Exhibit Center with a 20-minute film in a theater designed to resemble an 18th-century-style council house. The screen then rises and visitors walk over a stream to the Spirit Forest, an interactive exhibit featuring native plants and animals. Exhibits on ancient ancestors, mounds and artifacts and the separation of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations continue in separate galleries.

The removal of the Chickasaws to Indian Territory is simulated in a long corridor lined with sculptures of animals, people and vehicles. Changes in light simulate the changing seasons and recreate a moment in time during removal. Learn about pre-allotment and allotment periods throughout the exhibit galleries. A variety of language learning stations are also featured, as well as a stomp dance gallery featuring holograms and a glowing campfire. Visit the Anoli’ Theater to witness the story of the Chickasaws unfold on a large screen.

Venture outside and explore Aaholiitobli’s Honor Garden, demonstration gardens and an educational village featuring a number of traditional Chickasaw dwellings.

Explore important aspects of Chickasaw life throughout the Chickasaw Cultural Center, including nature, spirituality, family, learning and law through a variety of exhibits as well as human storytellers and guides.

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