The year is 2010 and the little town of Sulpher was missing something. Debbie Alexander knew what it was, the town needed a winery and she decided to answer the call. Stepping into Rusty Nails Winery is a treat. Not only is the wine delicious, you can spend hours just shopping through all the products throughout the store. From cute and clever signs for your walls to tasty and snarky teas, and everything in between. If you show up on a Wednesday night, you can experience Wine Wednesdays where they give everyone their choice of a wine tasting or a free glass of wine. The music flows on Fridays with live music every Friday night. You can also take advantage of their painting classes monthly or even for a special event. To say that this place was a great addition to the Downtown Sulphur area is an understatement. 

The wine is fantastic, with all the varietals that you would expect with some great local flair mixed in. If you are not big on wine, but got dragged in by your wife/husband/friend, they have drinks for you too. You can get a glass of beer, or a Wine-a-rita. They also have some delicious foods including a fantastic Charcuterie plate, or some other small plate items that are sure to please. The Rusty Nail Winery is an experience in itself and we highly recommend it. 

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